Air Jordan XI 72-10 Found at Ross


Whoa there boi don’t go there boi. Air Jordan XI 72-10 Found at Ross?

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve seen some gems pop up at Ross and other outlet stores, but good lord – Jordan 11 72-10s at Ross? Crazy! I know.

According to geezus116, he spotted last year’s Christmas Jordan at his local Ross. What’s odd to me is that the price tag is only $32.99. From my experience at Ross, Air Max 90s and various Trainers are usually priced at $45-$50, so it’s weird to see Jordans priced at $32.99.

Either way, heads up! If you happen to swing by your local Ross and find 72-10s, please let us know because that’s an insane come up!

Air Jordan XI 72-10 Found At Ross