Another One. Never Give Up! Hunting Is A Sport for Sneakerheads


By now I’m sure everyone has heard the news about Fragment Jordan 1s hitting Marshalls.

Yours truly went on a full day hunt to see if I could find a pair because I love to hunt.

Even when I was visiting family in the DMV area for Christmas, I never stopped looking! Every time I saw a Marshalls I asked my girl to stop so I could search for gold. Over the past few weeks of hunting, I’ve seen some dope stuff, but no Fragment 1s.

It seems like a lot of the pairs are being found in California. PRSTGsneaker consignment shop based in Alameda, CA has reported Fragment 1 finds twice. They posted the photo of another find last night.

So like the title reads, never give up! Hunting is a sport for sneakerheads. I mean that wholeheartedly. You never know unless you go. I’m headed out to Portland in the morning and you better believe I’ll be looking out there too.

If you’re about that life, you know where I’m coming from. Long live sneaker hunting!