Bred Toe Air Jordan 1 High OG Release Date


To cop or not to cop?

The Internet wins. These are unofficially known as Bred Toe Jordan 1s.

I see you, Jordan Brand. People can say what they want about JB, but they are smart. People clowned this colorway when it first leaked for several reasons. The main thing I saw people complaining about was lack of creativity and calling this colorway pointless.

It’s definitely nothing creative or innovative about this colorway, but it still works, especially when you think about the Chicago Bulls. My prediction is that the Bred Toe Jordan 1 will sell out like Shattered Backboards.

I’ve been seeing two release dates, so know that you can grab a pair February 23 or 24. *shrugs*

What’s your take on this colorway?

Bred Toe Air Jordan 1 High OG Release Date