Check Out How This Shop Is Releasing Nigel Sylvester Jordan 1s


Unique and different or doing too much?

Check Out How This Shop Is Releasing Nigel Sylvester Jordan 1s

Regardless of how the shoe looks you can always expect a high level of thirst for Air Jordan 1 High OG collaborations. Some people love Nigel Sylvester's Air Jordan 1, and some people are not impressed. That's life.

However, we all know the shoe is going to sell out. There will be a mix of people wearing the shoe as well as a bunch of pairs going straight to popular resell shops and websites.

Oneness of Kentucky is hip to the hype and they are switching things up for this release. Camping or paying someone to stand in line for you won't guarantee you a pair at Oneness. But if you're from the same community as Nigel you're in luck.

Here's how Oneness is handling the release: "Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Releasing Saturday, September 1st. Pull up on us with your BMX bike at 11am to guarantee a pair. Remaining pairs will be available via raffle. Tickets will be available at our Lexington location on Saturday. Winners will be notified by 6pm Saturday evening."

Yes, you read that right, pull up with your BMX bike for a guaranteed pair. I wish lived close to Oneness so I can see all the non-BMX bikes that pull up. Oneness also said you MUST have the frenzy app. But there's still hope if you don't have a BMX bike.

How do you feel about this release method? Is this fair or doing too much? Share your thoughts.

Check Out How This Shop Is Releasing Nigel Sylvester Jordan 1s

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I wish they did this for Jordans having folks shoot a jumper or something because most of the people who wear them cant even make a layup. With this release though I think thats a bit much because how you gonna give someone all these rules to buy some rubber, leather and glue. Even my example is just a wish.