Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles Sends Shots at People Who Wear Air Jordans

Ray P

Michael Jordan has built a culture so strong and dedicated that it’s strange to meet someone who denounces Jordan Brand.

Heads up sneakerheads who love Air Jordans, you might get your feelings hurt by the end of this post.

During an interview on the NFL channel, Jamaal Charles was discussing his fashion choices as he considers himself to be pretty stylish. While explaining a Versace outfit that was chosen to be the topic of conversation, Charles thought it would be a convenient opportunity to send shots at Jordan Brand and those who wear their product. Here’s what he said:

i feel like once you’re out of High School, ain’t no need to wear Jordans no mo’ [laughs].

Welp, that’s a great way to alienate a good chunk of your fans! I think it’s safe to say majority of Jamaal Charles fans who’ve graduated High School still love wearing Jordans. And after browsing the RB’s Instagram, one of his woes still enjoys a fresh pair of Jays, too. It’s important to note that Jamaal Charles is endorsed by Puma, so his statements are extremely biased as he’s paid to wear one brand of athletic footwear. If he wasn’t endorsed, he’d probably be the next thirsty athlete looking to film his sneaker closet full of Jordan Brand product.

You can listen to Jamaal and his comments beginning at the 1:17 mark in the video linked below.

Do you agree with Jamaal Charles that Air Jordans are just for High School kids? Or Should he keep his mouth shut and focus on making it to the Super Bowl? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.

EDIT [3:35PM PST]: Since the publishing of this article, the NFL has taken down their interview with Jamaal Charles