Collector Shows Why a Remastered Air Jordan 3 Black Cement Is Desperately Needed

Ray P

Some sneakerheads just have a collection of shoes and others actually collect sneakers.

Dunksrnice, an OG collector from the Bay area, recently just completed his Air Jordan 3 Black Cement set. That’s every release of this sneaker – 1988, 1994, 2001, 2008, & 2011 (left to right).

It’s an amazing sight to see.

As the years went by, the leather has gotten progressively worse. Nike Air disappeared from the silhouette after 2001. Even the cement print is boarder line horrible on the most recent release in 2011.

Sneakerheads represent a very small piece of Nike’s business, but it’s up to us to keep yelling to make sure we get better retros.

This side by side comparison shows how bad we need to demand Jordan Brand to get the remastered retro correct. We need that extra soft tumbled leather on the uppers, finer cement print, and definitely Nike Air.

Jordan Brand, if you’re reading… I’m sure collectors would be happy with a direct copy of the 1988 or 1994 version. Thank you!

Are you anticipating the remastered Air Jordan 3 Black Cement? Which year would you like to see as the bench mark for the future retro?