Counterfeiters Create Fake Yellow Cactus Jack Jordan 6


That was quick! Fake Cactus Jack Jordan 6 in yellow.

Team Early doesn't always mean it's legit.

Travis Scott has been seen in this yellow colorway once and that's all counterfeiters needed. All they need is one photo and it's a wrap! I recently saw these in person and all I could do was laugh.

The sad part is the quality on fakes is much better than it used to be. There is no word on when/if this colorway will ever drop, but let this serve as a heads up.

Watch the video above for a closer look.

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In all honesty i'm bout to paypal you for these lol. These fakes are nothing compared to the early days. You damn near cant tell the difference even with a real/fake side by side comparison. Word to Urban Necessities lol (you see that disaster g?)