DJ Khaled Sits Court-side in Exclusive Sneakers Everyone's Thirsty for Right Now

Ray P

dj khaled air jordan kobe 3
Image: NikeTalk

Rick Ross called this man the 'Sneaker King' and he very well might be that in the celebrity world. DJ Khaled was spotted court-side at the Cavs vs Clippers game wearing some serious heat.

Along with a purple velour sweatsuit, the Snapchat star gracefully wore a fresh pair of Kobe Air Jordan 3's.

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It's a little strange he didn't go to a Lakers game to wear them. But... I totally can related because we all get super hyped to wear something exclusive as soon as it lands in our hands.

The Kobe Air Jordan 3 packaged is rumored to release for a price of $500. Check back for updates confirming or refuting this information soon.