Does This Photo of Young MJ Change Your Mind About the Sneakers?

Ray P

Michael Jordan’s influence still has an impact today, at least I think so.

Word on the Internets is that the Air Jordan 31 is the ugliest Jordan signature of all time. Most will argue that it’s a performance shoe and it’s not supposed to look good, but when the line is as great as it is from 1 – 14, that’s a tough argument to keep up.

With Photoshop our imaginations can come true within an instance. Whenever a new signature Air Jordan releases, one could only fathom how it would look on Michael Jordan’s feet in his prime. In the photo above, that’s exactly what we see.

Does this image make you look at the Air Jordan 31 differently at all?

To answer that question myself, I’d say yes. They’re still ugly, in my opinion, but if I turn my head sideways, they look pretty decent on the GOAT.

We’ve been trained for 30 years to check out what’s on Michael’s feet and toy with the idea that this could be the next hottest thing. Mostly because we all wanted to be like Mike. Not one athlete on the Jordan roster has that level of influence. I would go as far as to say this is the photo Jordan Brand should’ve leaked to debut the 31. Opinions might have been way different.