Don C Reveals His Jordan Legacy 312


Don C reveals his Jordan Legacy 312…

Don C and Jordan up to something.

A horrible photo leaked of Don C’s next Jordan collab and word got back to Don. Like most people, he wasn’t feeling the leaked image and poor representation of his work, so he posted two photos.

The shoe is called the Jordan Legacy 312 and it’s a shoe that pays homage to Chicago hence 312 area code. As you can see, the shoe hybrid model made up of several classic models.

When Don C posted the second photo, he said: “The internet trying to play me with them scrunched up pics.” I’m not going to front, I read that in his voice and all I could do was laugh.

There’s a lot of mixed reviews about his shoes, but a lot of people will probably change their mind when the shoe drops. How do you feel about this sneaker?

Don C Reveals His Jordan Legacy 312