Fat Joe’s PSA: Wear Your Sneakers!


By PSA, I mean Public Sneaker Announcement. When the Sneaker Shoe King speaks you should listen.

Fat Joe has been doing this sneaker thing for years, but even Joe is not exempt from the danger of vintage midsoles. Last night Joey shared a photo of what happened when he unDS’d his DMP Air Jordan 6. It’s weird to call the Defining Moments Package vintage, but January 2016 makes 10 years since the release. Remember when the original release date was November 2005? But I believe the launch was delayed due to production issues. Anyhow, sneakers 10 years or older are usually considered vintage. At least at a time that was the case.

Here’s what Joe had to say: “This is that bull sh*t. save the OG’s for years and the soul rips off the first time you wear them #hardtimesofasneakercollecter”

Unfortunately, I can relate to his pain, and I’m sure you or someone close to you can too. The moral of the story: Wear your sneakers! It’s tough, especially if you’re the type of person who wants to wait until everyone has beat up their pair, and then you stunt even harder when you pull your fresh pair out years later. I know. I know. Been there, done that!

Hey man, life is a gamble. Do you, baby blue. Ha!

In other news, who wants to battle?