First Thoughts: A Style Review Of The Air Jordan Eclipse

Ray P

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Welcome back to the second installment of First Thoughts. I created this column because judging a shoe solely based off online images just isn't enough for me to decide to cop. I offer advice on how shoes fit, options on how to wear it, and best of all my honest opinion.

Today's style review is on the new Air Jordan Eclipse which retails for $110 and is currently available to buy. This is Jordan Brand's version of the Roshe Run, let's find out how well it stacks up against the competition.

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The Jordan Eclipse fits true to size. The mesh upper wraps nicely around your foot, but I'm not a big fan of it feeling kind of like plastic when you touch it. I presume it's just fused mesh, similar to what you would find on the toe of the LeBron 12 Low (shouts to @NightWing2303 for the tip). You won't notice it when you're walking. The benefit of fused mesh is that the upper will hold up better than Flyknits or Roshes.


The Jordan Eclipse is a lot more comfortable than I assumed. The insole is cushy and you have zoom air inside the midsole. But let me answer the real question...

Is it more comfy than Roshes? No. Roshe wins in regards to comfort. I think the Jordan Future is even more comfortable than the Eclipse.


I tried pairing a few different pants with the Jordan Eclipse and I didn't really enjoy how cuffs sit on the shoe. It looked like I was wearing nurse shoes if the denim covered the top.

Pin rolled jeans or shorts is the best way to wear the Eclipse. It's a serious Summer time shoe and only looks good when the whole silhouette can be seen.

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What I Wore

I enjoy simple fashion. I don't need crazy expensive priced brands to feel fashionable. It's more about how you wear things versus what you wear.

Top: Mesh Under Armour Steph Curry Jersey
The texture of the jersey matches that of the Jordan Eclipse, so other than wearing a colorless outfit I felt it flowed really well. 

Bottom: Black Forever21 Denim - $19.90
Again the pinroll is money on these. It takes a bit to get it correct, but if you need a tutorial on how to pinroll my guy GTFan712 can teach you how.

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Final Thoughts

The Jordan Eclipse is great for Jordan Brand and anyone who loves repping them. Technically it has the best technology offered for this type of shoe, but Nike already offers something similar, more comfortable, and at a lower cost - the Roshe Run aka Roshe One. This shoe looks good dressed up which surprised me a bit. The 3M piping, and 3M Jordan logos was an interesting touch.

Check out all color options for the Jordan Eclipse

I would rate the Air Jordan Eclipse 3.5 out of 5 stars. It's not a bad shoe it all, Nike just happened to nail this concept with other silhouettes first.

Let me know what you thought of the Jordan Eclipse by dropping a comment down below. Would you cop? Would you wear it?

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