Footlocker Just Shutdown A Fake Employee's Plan To Back Door "OVO" Air Jordan 10s

Ray P


Drake and the employees over at Footlocker shared a great laugh last night as a troll was stopped dead in their tracks. Sneaker News reported a potential Footlocker employee sending out messages to the sneaker community confirming the backdoor-ing of "OVO" Air Jordan 10's if he was sent money via Paypal. Sneakerheads are extremely sensitive to this issue since many employees at retailers have been caught in this terrible act before. So, it was only a matter of time before Footlocker's Twitter mentions immediately came under fire.

Luckily for Footlocker this issue was easy to handle because none of their stores are even receiving "OVO" Air Jordan 10s to release. The troll lost on all fronts as SN didn't mention the guys name and he didn't even troll a retailer that would be stocking the limited Air Jordans. Nice try buddy!

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