Here's Why You Never Post Your Sneaker Order Confirmation on Twitter

Ray P

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Jordan Brand's biggest weekend of the year just finished with a bang. Lots of sneakerheads walked away happy and others experienced a typical Sadderday.

No matter how many sneakers you couldn't cop today, no one took a bigger loss than Alex Boro on Twitter.

PSNY Air Jordan 12's released in very limited quantities. It was the toughest sneaker to cop and Alex managed to score a pair.

Immediately after receiving his confirmation email, he took to Twitter to resell his newly acquired sneakers:

psny air jordan 12 order confirmation cancelled

Reselling on social media with confirmation order as proof is extremely common. After getting up his tweet in hopes to score a flip, Alex quickly realized he made a huge mistake.

The anxious sneakerhead left his confirmation order visible.

It didn't take long for someone to pose as Alex and contact Nike customer service to cancel his order.

psny-air-jordan-12-order-c copy

Here's how Alex reacted when he realized what happend:

psny air jordan 12 order confirmation cancelled-2

Now here's my reaction:

dj khaled you played yourself congratulations

I'm sure no one's Sadderday is worse than Alex's. Sorry buddy, but you played yourself. Hopefully you learn from this mistake as there will be more sneakers in the future you can try to resell.

Moral of this story: Don't ever play yourself.