How To Style the Air Jordan 19


A quick guide on a casual way to wear the Air Jordan 19.

What’s going on TSG Fam, my name is Rich “RCH89” Watkins, I’m from Akron, OH and I’ve been into sneakers and fashion for YEARS! Other than just purchasing shoes, I also enjoy the process of finding things to wear with them.

I’m not the most active person, for now, so most of my pick ups are for casual wear. Today, I’d like to show one way to casually wear the newly released Air Jordan 19 Retro.

Aesthetically, this shoe screams basketball use only, and back in ‘04, most of the people I knew with them, wore them for that exact reason. Nowadays, someone may want to cop the shoe, but isn’t sure how they should wear them. Today, we’ll show a modern street look, from an Akron, OH perspective, with a few different pieces from G-Star RAW, modeled by my bro @YoungUhaul.

Up top, we have a G-Star Motac-X hoodie in the “Asfalt” colorway. Inspired by motorcycle performance gear, this hoodie is built for comfort and flexibility.

We’ve paired the hoodie with the Rovic Zip cargo pants in “GS Grey”. To describe these, I would say, military but with a more tapered look.

Aside from them being a nice fitting pair of pants, they actually sit pretty clean on the shoe.

If you really want to get crazy, fold the straps down lol. I doubt anyone would wear them that way, but here’s a view just in case you’re curious.

I truly appreciate your time, this is RCH89 signing off. Catch you next time.

How To Style the Air Jordan 19