How To Tell If Your Off White Air Jordan 1s Are Fake


“STAY WOKE” Arguably one of the most wanted shoes of 2017 is the Off White Air Jordan 1.

As I mentioned before, Footwear News awarded Virgil’s Jordan 1 “Shoe of the Year.”

That said, when the demand is high for a shoe, you can always expect the counterfeit market to create a fake version. Since this Air Jordan 1 one is so highly sought after, allow this guide to help you if you plan on coppin a pair or if you have already copped, especially if you didn’t purchase from an authorized Nike account or reputable consignment shop.

There are plenty of side-by-side comparison photos below provided by Fake Education to help you see the differences between the authentic Off White Jordan 1 and the knockoffs. Please keep in mind there are probably several counterfeiters producing this sneaker, so each fugazi pair will have its differences.

Before you drop $2,000+ on a pair, BEWARE! Study the photos and educate a friend.

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How To Tell If Your Off White Jordan 1s Are Fake