It's Great To See Kevin Garnett Back In A Pair Of Iconic Air Jordans He Wore His Rookie Year

Ray P

kevin-garnett-first-pitch- air jordan 11 concords

KG needs to get back on Nike.

In honor of welcoming Kevin Garnett back home to Minnesota, the Twins invited the Kid to throw out the first pitch recently. Making the moment even more nostylgic was Garnett walking onto the field in Air Jordan 11 Concords. If you can remember that far back, KG came in the league wearing Concords his Rookie year while dominating. He will forever be connected to that shoe just like Allen Iverson was. It's great to see Garnett finish his career where it started, hopefully he'll make the jump back to Nike as well. Who knows?

By the way... Kevin Garnett did throw a strike. Watch the video below.

Source: NT