Jordans Will Be More Limited Next Year


Uh oh! News broke last night that Jordans will be harder to get moving forward.

According to Nike brand president, Jordan Brand will be decreasing production on Jordans making them more limited. Per Sara Germano’s translation, ” Js are going to become rare/harder to cop again.”

I heard a few rumors earlier this month regarding this topic, so I reached out to my Jordan guy. He confirmed the info and also said they were still working through the specifics. I totally forgot to publish the info, and was reminded last night that Jordan Brand is going the limited route next year.

People went from complaining that Jordans are too hard to buy to complaining about Jordan Brand making too many pairs. Now JB is going back to making them harder to buy.

Do you think this is the right business move for Nike/Jordan?

Photo: dai_5_1126

Source: Sara Germano

Jordans Will Be More Limited Next Year