Kylie Jenner Couldn't Wait to UNDS Her Supreme Air Jordan 5s

Ray P

kylie jenner wearing supreme Air Jordan 5
Image: NikeTalk

The new Queen of Supreme has been stepping out fresh lately and really catapulting the brand to levels that most can't imagine. As much as we love Supreme for being one of the leaders of the underground culture, we also have to accept streetwear is now mainstream like never before. Kylie Jenner wearing Supreme Air Jordan 5's is the primary reason why this collaboration was a success. The brand previously known for being true to its skating and sneaker loving roots, is now seeing rock star status with the type of co-signs that come with partnering with Jordan Brand. Who doesn't wear Air Jordans? I know some hipsters might hate Supreme now that certain celebrities just discovered it, but you've gotta be proud of where streetwear has come from to where it is now.

Low key Kylie Jenner's Air Jordan collection is pretty mean.