Looking at The NBA 2k16 TOP 10 Rated Players List & the Sneaker Brands They Wear

Ray P

nba 2k16 player ratings
NBA 2K16 release date is September 29th.

The 30 Day countdown to the NBA starts soon, but thanks to NBA 2K16 the Basketball debates have started early. Today, the TOP 10 players by rating were released and with any list there's going to be some drama. Kevin Durant takes a seat behind Curry, Anthony Davis, and James Harden, while Blake Griffin sneaks in at the number 9 spot somehow. I don't think anyone can argue LeBron James taking the top nod, but Kobe should be there out of respect (f*^&k a disclaimer, proud Kobe stan here).

To me, what's more interesting than who landed where on the Top 10 list for NBA 2K16 is the level of dominance some footwear brands have in regards to being associated with the best:

Jordan Brand: 5 players (Aldridge, Griffin, Westbrook, Paul)
Nike: 3 players (Davis, Durant, L. James)
adidas: 1 player (James Harden)
Under Armour: 1 player (Stephen Curry)
* Nike really has 8 when combining Jordan Brand

As of 2015, Nike owns 90% of market share in the Basketball category, so this list is a pretty great depiction of how Nike is killing it and everyone else is lucky to be where they are. Under Amour has the best potential with all the Curry success and their stock rising at nearly double the rate of Nike's according to CNN Money. However, UA is going to have to continue that success with Curry and multiple athletes for decades to even think about seeing Team Swoosh anytime soon.

Alright enough stats and analytics talk, do you agree with all the players ranking on NBA 2K16's TOP 10 list? 

Editor's note: Hit us wit your Gametag, TSG staff would be happy to serve out some whippings in NBA 2K16 sometime.

  1. LeBron James - RTG 94
  2. Stephen Curry - RTG 93
  3. Anthony Davis - RTG 92
  4. James Harden - RTG 92
  5. Kevin Durant - RTG 91
  6. Chris Paul - RTG 90
  7. Russell Westbrook - RTG 89
  8. Carmelo Anthony - RTG 88
  9. Blake Griffin - RTG 88
  10. LaMarcus Aldridge - RTG 88