Looks Like DJ Khaled Has A Jordan Collab On The Way


The first one.

DJ Khaled made it a point to let the world know he was visiting Jordan Brand HQ yesterday. He only posted 20+ photos/videos of him at Jordan HQ and with several JB employees.

In one of the videos he posted, Khaled hinted a collab between him and Jordan. The only clue revealed in the video was a glance at the We The Best and Jumpman logo.

Oh, Khaled made sure to say top secret after showing the logos. So yeah, something is on the way. Is it a Jordan, clothing, or some other type of project? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Also, while Khaled was visiting, Jordan Brand gifted him with Satin Royal 1s even though they don’t wanna see Khaled rep Team Early. Haters!

Watch the teaser video below.