Louis Vuitton Style Director Breaks Every Sneakerhead's Heart and Flexes so Hard

Ray P


There are certain sneakers that Sneakerheads hold in very high regards and the Fragment Air Jordan 1 is a prime example. This shoe is grail status for many of us.

It turns out that Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton Style Director, is just as much of a sneakerhead as anyone else. Who would've knew?

During an interview with Hypebeast, Jones details his favorite pair of sneakers to wear everyday are Fragment Air Jordan 1s.

Not only is his pair absolutely beat, but he says he has 9 back-up pairs in the closet. Adding insult to injury, those 7 pairs are the Friends & Family version of Fragments that have some minor, yet substantial differences.

After hearing about his tons of pairs, I wanted to exit out of the interview because the salt was real. But it turns out Kim Jones is a pretty cool cat who just loves to wear his sneakers. I can respect that! Watch the full spot above.

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