Marcus Jordan Gets Trolled on Whether Trophy Room will be Stocking New Yeezy Boosts

Ray P

kanye west smiling

Trolls gon troll, bruh. The cool thing about Twitter is that it makes everyone extremely accessible. One of the most engaging people in the sneaker community is Michael Jordan's son Marcus, new owner of Trophy Room store in Orlando.

With Yeezy Season being in full effect, user Armani Wilson took the opportunity to ask Marcus Jordan if his new shop will be carrying Kanye's newest drop, the Yeezy 750 Boost Glow in the Dark.

Given the recent diss record FACTS and numerous statements from West about Yeezy jumping over the Jumpman, we can understand the sensitivity of the situation from Marcus Jordan's point of view.

Marcus fell for the troll and decided to respond, lol. [insert welvin tha great 'GOT EEEM' meme here]

Moral of the story: Ignore the trolls and just focus on positive vibes all Summer '16.

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