Meet the Air Jordan 8 MJ Crying Meme

Ray P

air jordan 8 MJ crying meme

Yes! Meet the Air Jordan 8 MJ Crying Meme. The GOAT's legacy continues through his sneakers... lol not really.

Customizers made the inevitable happen. If you're on social media ever, you've become extremely familiar with the MJ Crying meme. It's become synonymous with losing in life.

The original image comes from Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame inductee speech. The meme has surpassed the life of any other funny photo because it continues to evolve. Now, it's on a pair of Air Jordans.

Honestly speaking, if Jordan Brand did this it would be amazing and they would make a lot of money, ha!

air jordan 8 MJ crying meme-2
air jordan MJ crying meme-1