Pair Lord C.C. Sabathia Has The Illest Sneaker Room Yet

Ray P

CC Sabathia Sneaker Room

Lately Instagram has been a battle ground for athletes to flex their sneaker rooms with guys like Colin Kaepernick, Jrue Holiday, and Ray Allen participating. All that flexing now seems irrelevant because C.C. Sabathia of the New York Yankees just shutdown the competition, word to Skepta.

My man C.C. not only has an entire room for his collection, but a small kitchen and a living room. Every single pair of sneakers sits inside a humidor which allows Sabathia to store the collection in an ideal climate controlled setting. Now that's BOSSY. Showtime and Pam Oliver not only caught up with the good folks at Kixfair Miami, but watch the preview of C.C Sabathia's sneaker room below.

Editor's note: Respect to the Gawd Sabathia for behing 100% honest and admitting his contract is really about the free Jordans, haha!