People Really Want A Pair Of Levi’s Jordan 4s Now


What about you?

Jordan Brand added more anticipation to the Levi’s Jordan 4 release with these photos.

Last night Jordan Brand dropped a feature with an artist who distressed his Levi’s Air Jordan 4. Not only did he distress them, but he also freaked them out with paint.

I immediately saw people who said they were good on this drop switch it up after these images surfaced. I won’t front, I wasn’t impressed with this collab, but it’s exciting just thinking about the customizing possibilities.

I’ve never been one to customize my kicks due to fear of doing a horrible job and messing up my shoes. But as long as you do proper research and have a vision of what the end goal is, you should be good. As for reworking this collab, I don’t think you can “mess up” this shoe because it’s completely denim.

Take a look at the other photos and share your thoughts.

Do you have a change of heart or were you already interested in this pair?