Retailer Received Already Yellowed Air Jordan 11 72-10

Ray P

In unfortunate news, retailers are receiving some already yellowed pairs of Air Jordan 11 72-10.

You may want to inspect your Christmas Jordans before leaving the store this year.

Normally, these Jordans have a milky translucent sole. However, a retail source sent over evidence of AJ11’s that already show signs of oxidation.

This isn’t the case for every pair, but several sneakers of their shipment have this issue. Oxidation is completely normal with the Air Jordan 11, but never this early.

Note that Jordans may yellow faster depending on storage conditions.

The Air Jordan 11 72-10 releases on December 12th. We advise you not to blindly purchase a pair. Just like any other release, we advise you to inspect your pair before the point of purchase if possible.

Yellowed Air Jordan 11 72-10