RIF LA Offers Great Advice to Resellers & Collectors Sitting on Old Air Jordans and SB's

Ray P

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If you're going to take advice about the sneaker market from anyone, it should be from the guys who do it the best-- RIF Los Angeles.

It's not often OGs of the sneaker culture offer candid thoughts on a public platform. So when they do, listen to it and value it. RIF LA recently took to Twitter to address the state of reselling in 2016.

The landscape of the secondary market of sneakers has changed for various reasons. One could make an argument for several points such as a generational gap, Jordan Brand implementing the Remastering Initiative, a change in global style, and the list could go on.

When the market changes, it means you have to adjust. But how?
Here are RIF LA's thoughts:

RIF LA Sneaker Market advice

All very good points stated by the LA based consignment shop.

In 2014 after TSG broke news of the Jordan Brand remastering initiative, I shared my thoughts on the eventual collapse of the secondary market on post 2000 Air Jordan Retros. RIF LA seems to share the same sentiments.

Which statements made by RIF LA do you agree with? Also, if your opinions differ let us know in the comments!