Shane McMahon Flew Off the Cage in Special Air Jordan 30 PE’s

Ray P

He almost killed himself, but looked very fly doing so (pun intended).

Shane McMahon received special Air Jordan 30 PE’s for Wrestlemania this past weekend.

Jordan Brand has been showing the boy a lot of love lately, rewarding him for being a long-time loyal sneakerhead.

McMahon laced up some real performance sneakers for the death defying act attempted at the Superbowl of Wrestling on Sunday. Equipped with a special box and all, two pairs of Air Jordan 30’s arrived in all black featuring $hane O’Mac branding on each side of the shoes.

The setup was perfect, the take off was good, but the only thing that went wrong is the Undertaker rolled off the table before Shane could land an elbow drop from the top of the cage. Needless to say, several MJ crying meme’s ensued. Watch the full clip above.