Shop Makes Customers Wear Not for Resale Jordan 1s


How do you feel about shops releasing sneakers like this?

Oneness of Kentucky released the "Not For Resale" Air Jordan 1 in way we've seen before: customers had to wear the shoes and leave the box if they wanted to purchase a pair.

It's actually funny to see people wearing shoes that clearly don't fit because that will always been funny... in a sad way. However, if I'm being honest, I get the intent, but this is corny. Period!

This isn't to single out Oneness because other shops have done this exact thing. When I say it's corny, I'm referring to a retailer "making" someone do something with a product that was PAID for. If you spend your money on a product, you should be able to do whatever you want with it - whether that be wearing, selling, burning, collecting, gifting, etc.

So yeah, telling someone they have to wear a shoe AND leave the box in order to purchase is corny. But hey, that's just how I feel. Watch the video below and you'll see plenty of people who had no problem with the release method of Oneness.

We all knew this was joke by Jordan Brand, but come on, reselling is reselling and pairs are definitely being sold on aftermarket platforms. Brands and retailers should really focus energy on other things besides retailers.

As I've seen in the past, if you really want to cut out the reseller and customers who only "support" when a hyped sneaker drops, implement a customer loyalty program, and reward loyal customers a guaranteed pair without jumping through hoops.

For those reading this, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Shop Makes Customers Wear Not for Resale Jordan 1s

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I’m on board with you G this is beyond lame. First issue is if Jordan Brand didn’t want consumers to have the box the shoes shouldn’t have come with a box. Next issue is about making people wear there sneakers. People sell used or VNDS all the time so all this is doing is cutting into the resellers pockets slightly. It’s a simple solution, make more sneakers. I get it exclusitivity sells but have people be able to order them and have a made to order type system like IDs that consumers will have to wait to get them and maybe pay more.