Sneakerheads Leave Dozens of Ghost Chairs to Camp for Flu Game 12s,

Ray P

A gang of chairs are lined up right now outside of the Air Jordan flagship store 32 State Chicago.

Anticipation for the Air Jordan 12 Flu Game release is building and sneakerheads wasted no time starting a campout… sort of.

Usually during a campout you have sneakerheads sitting in the chairs, but all of these seem to be empty. As of recent, ghost chairs have been used to claim spots in line without actually having to wait in front of the store.

The OG in me would toss all of the chairs in the street and happily sit my chair at the front of the door. New rules are clearly in effect here with “ghost chairs”.

Does this count as camping, though?

What would you do if you showed up to camp and there were about 30 empty chairs in front of you?

The Air Jordan 12 Flu Game releases Saturday May 28th. Retail price is set at $190. Tune into TSG Twitter for up to the minute updates on where to cop the sneakers online. If you plan on hitting up a local spot, you should probably check to see what the campout is looking like right about now.

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