This Guy Went WAY TOO Far For Instagram Likes On His "Shattered Backboard" Air Jordan 1's

Ray P

shattered glass on air jordan 1 shattered backboard instagram photos gone too far
Image via @DameGeez215

This is not a diss post, it's a real post.

A few years ago sneaker photos went from simple to down right extreme as soon as Instagram and the competition for likes and followers became a drug. So much so that Footwear brands really have to start thinking twice about which stories are a great idea to reinterpret as a colorway.

If you're not familiar with the inspiration behind the "Shattered Backboard" Air Jordan 1, you can watch this video.

An Instagram fellow by the name of @DameGeez215 decided that it was worth 400+ likes to pour shattered glass all over himself for the gnarliest photo ever. Excuse my language, but WTF were you thinking here? I hope he used a remote control to take this photo himself because if another human being was snapping the flick, he too, is out of his mind.

PSA: You don't have to go this far, Bro! We'll still post you in the Daily Photos on the site or even repost on our Instagram, but please don't risking injuring yourself for imaginary likes!

Please people, Instagram is not that serious.