This Sneakerhead Had the Worst Ending To 2015

Ray P

air jordan cheating girlfriend
Image: RIF LA

Sneakerheads have got to stop cheating on their girlfriend for 2016.

In the latest revenge news, one sneakerhead decided to unload some of his sneakers to RIF LA. He communicated to the team that an ex-girlfriend vandalized a pair of his Jordans. Little did he know that it was done to multiple pairs.

What you see is a deadstock pair of Air Jordan 3 White Cement '88 retros with not so nice words written in blue Sharpie. There's also a pair of Stealth 5s that were ruined too.

I'm not sure how easy it is to remove permanent marker from white leather, but I sure hope RIF LA can get the job done.

It would save you a lot more money to just not cheat. But if you decide to pursue other endeavors outside of your relationship, just make sure you start keeping your heat in a storage. And don't give her the key.