Vintage Life: Has This Ever Happened to You?


The vintage struggle is real!

If you’ve ever worn a vintage pair of sneakers, chances are high that you can relate.

From my experience, the key to avoiding vintage cracking/crumbling is wearing the shoe as soon as possible. It depends on when you got the shoes though. For example, I have shoes still deadstock that I purchased in 2002/2003. This is what I mean by wearing them as soon as possible to avoid the above photo.

If you decide to cop a pair of 1999 Air Jordan 4s off eBay in 2017, my previous advice obviously doesn’t apply to you. But just know you’re taking a HUGE risk if you decide to go that route.

However, there has been some success stories of people being able to wear vintage sneakers with zero issues. It’s rare, but possible. The shoes’ midsole/tooling has a lot to do with wearability. For example, you will most likely ever have this probably wearing vintage Jordan 1s or Dunks. But if you wear a vintage Jordan 2 or Air Trainer SC High – the result will most likely be a crumbled midsole.

That said, has this ever happened to you? Share your story in the comments.

Photo: gabriel lokko