Watch the Unbanned Air Jordan 1 Documentary Trailer


Watch the Unbanned Jordan 1 Documentary trailer.

It’s two things in life you can’t ban: the Air Jordan 1 and Snowman.

We’ve all heard the story before about the banning of the Air Jordan 1. The now iconic Jordan 1 is known to anyone and everyone who is somewhat a fan of sneakers.

To dig deeper into the story behind the Jordan 1, Los York Entertainment and Writer/Director Dexton Deboree created the Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1 documentary.

Maybe you’ve heard of the doc or seen online ads or a billboard and were curious about the content. Well the team behind the film released the trailer which you can watch below.

The trailer features big names Spike Lee, Howard “H” White of Jordan Brand, Melo, Quincy Jones, Michael B. Jordan and many more. The documentary release date is July 13.

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Watch the Unbanned Air Jordan 1 Documentary Trailer