What Would You Cop from This Shop Full of Heat in The Mid 90's

Ray P

sneaker sporting goods store mid 90s
Image: @Charlottes23jays

Kicking off #ThrowbackThursday in grand fashion, we have a rare look inside Cummings Sporting Goods in the mid 1990s. This shop was owned by the late Charlotte Cummings pictured below who back then predicted that, "Michael Jordan shoes would become collectable some day." And boy was she right! Mr. Cummings continues his Wife's legacy through his passion for sneakers which was instilled by Charlotte.

Look at this Nike wall for a few moments. There is so much heat from Air Jordan, to Penny, to Webber, Barkley, and more. In 2015, it would be a dream come true to walk into a Sporting Goods and see this kind of heat. A lot of credit cards would be maxed out, that's for sure.

What would you cop if you walked into Cummings Sporting Goods and saw what was on display? Drop your comments down below.

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