Which Aleali May Jordan Is Your Favorite?


Let the debate begin. Which Jordan is her best work?

Hats off to Aleali May for dropping three dope Jordan colorways.

Is she done yet? Only time will tell, but if she, Aleali definitely went out like a G. I can honestly say that all three Jordans are nice. Although I'm not a huge fan of her Jordan 6, it's still a clean colorway.

My personal favorite is the Viotech inspired Air Jordan 1 High OG. Soooo fire! I think it's actually underrated. Have you seen the shoe in person? It's a really, really good shoe with some great materials.

If you can find your size, handle that! Trust me, I think a lot of people will regret not coppin in a few years. I also really like her first Jordan 1. The mixture of corduroy, satin, and chenille was very unique.

That's how I feel. Now it's your turn. Which pair is YOUR favorite?

Photos: Shotbykvng and atothebed