Why You Shouldn’t Pay Air Jordan 11 72-10 Resell Prices

Ray P

What are Air Jordan 11 72-10 resell prices going to look like?

It doesn’t matter because you won’t have to pay more than retail.

Let me tell you why.

Last year, Jordan Brand sold an astronomical number of Legend Blue Air Jordan 11’s Christmas weekend. Reports indicated over 500,000 pairs were bought in just one day.

The hysteria was crazy for two reasons. One, it was an original colorway in the Air Jordan 11. Two, the hype meant people could cash in at least double the retail for resale.

Many resellers got their pairs off fast for a good amount of money. However months after, Nike did something unheard of.

The Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue restocked over 8 times and as recent at November 10th, 2015.

We’ve never seen Christmas Air Jordans restock that much. EVER! Everyone who really wanted a pair, eventually got a pair. Especially if you kept up with TSG’s restock alerts.

The Air Jordan 11 72-10 will hold the same fate. History always repeats itself.


The hype and the story of this year’s Christmas Air Jordans don’t hold a candle to last year’s.

With that being said, Nike is in the business of making more money than last year. Restocks are definitely in the plans. Nowadays, it has become the perfect marketing ploy.

The pressure can be a bit difficult to withstand, but a lack of patience will cost you. Trust me on this one, you won’t have to pay resale prices.

The Air Jordan 11 72-10 release date is December 12th. Retail price is set at $220.

If you can’t cop on release day, will you resort to paying Air Jordan 11 72-10 resell prices?