Would You Cop This Jordan 1 Colorway If Jordan Brand Released It?


One thing we can all agree on is that people eventually get tired of the same thing over and over.

With the exception of memes, everything on social media is pretty much the same ol thing.

Even with sneakers. The “cool photos” are usually the same kicks with different angles, filters, etc. It’s always refreshing when you see something new that catches you off guard.

I guess the same can be said for this Black/Green Air Jordan 1 custom. People are so trained to only appreciate OG colorways and Jordan Brand is well aware of that, but I’m sure they hate the mentality.

But I think people will always support a good colorway, period! It doesn’t always have to be OG for it to be fire or whatever. Take this Jordan 1 custom for example. I posted this photo on @TheShoeGame’s Instagram last night and I asked the same question as the title of this post.

I was actually surprised at the response. People are really feeling this colorway. It has OG colorblocking, so I understand a lot of people like that familiarity.

Since the question did so well on IG, I wanted to ask the same question on the .com.

Would you cop this colorway of Jordan Brand released it?

Image: markwilkins22