You Can Now Finance Sneakers On Flight Club

Ray P

Do you want to cop heat, but don’t exactly have the funds to drop thousands of dollars at one time?

Flight Club has the answers to all of your problems because you can now finance sneakers online.

Typically with any high priced items such as cars, houses, or wedding rings, you’re able to finance goods (borrow money) from a credit company as long as you agree to pay the money back with interest.

As originators and leaders in the consignment game, Flight Club saw a void in their industry and applied a normal business tactic to increase sales. Flight Club decided to quietly give sneakerheads the option to finance sneakers up to a full year after the purchase. For example, if you’re looking to cop a pair of “Fragment” Air Jordan 1’s, you can finance them through AFFIRM for as low as $123.01 per month. That sounds a lot better than $1,400 upon check out. Nike Air Mags come out to a cool $702.90 per month if you’re feeling froggy.

So how does one go about using AFFIRM to finance sneakers on Flight Club? According to their instructions it’s pretty simple:

Enjoy your purchase immediately, with no hidden fees.

Provide some basic information and get instant approval to split your purchase (up to $10,000) into 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments with rates from 10-30% APR.

Just select Pay with AFFIRM at checkout.

Would you consider financing sneakers on Flight Club if your grails were really expensive? Share your thoughts, concerns, comments, and feedback down below.