You Won't Find Many NBA Players With A Better Collection Than This WNBA Player's

Ray P

epiphany_prince sneaker collection

When we refer to athlete sneakerheads usually the results are underwhelming because they just "collect" whatever Nike sends them, then there's people like Epiphanny Prince who make us smile. Prince plays for the WNBA's New York Liberty and her sneaker collection is smashing most dudes in the NBA. Just her Doernbecher Air Jordan Collection alone is fire. Jrue Holiday may want to take some notes.

The NY Post has the drop:
The Brooklyn-born B-baller has more than 400 pairs of kicks, an ever-growing collection she says is worth about $100,000.

“I’m still thinking I need to move to a bigger place — so I can get a bigger room,” said Prince, 27.

Prince gave The Post an exclusive tour of her Long Island apartment, opening the door to a room entirely dedicated to her hobby.

“For me, I always loved new shoes growing up. Always wanted to look clean, just loved the feeling of wearing new shoes,” she said. Hundreds of plastic containers, each containing a single pair, stretch from floor to ceiling — all monitored by the nanny cam she installed to keep a watchful eye on her “babies” while she plays across the country and overseas.

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