Young Athlete Had the Balls to Flame Michael Jordan During Camp

Ray P

You’ve got to love kids, man!

They are fearless and will roast anyone, even if you’re Michael Jordan. New generation sneakerheads revived the “What are thoooose?” trend recently which came and went pretty fast. But not before it made it’s way to the GOAT.

During Flight School Camp, Michael Jordan debuted a few different exclusive Air Jordan 29 Lows which had never been seen before.

No huge Air Jordan logos were visible and it definitely wasn’t a classic retro most kids would recognize. It was all good until Michael Jordan held a Q&A session with the kids. A young athlete took center stage to ask one brave question, “What are thoooooose?!” MJ seemed confused as to what he meant, but the whole room erupted into laughter and Jordan quickly realized he got roasted like never before. Watch the full video below: