Camp James Season 3 Episode 2 Featuring The Shoe Surgeon

Dope episode.

Everyone should be familiar with the name The Shoe Surgeon. He’s one of the elite shoe customizers in the game who continues to impress with is elaborate and next level designs.

Trinidad James linked up with The Shoe Surgeon for the latest episode of Camp James. This is a great watch for anyone who’s interested in customizing/designing or if you just appreciate the art.

Watch the episode below. Enjoy! Filmed by SNKR INC.

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  • I really enjoyed this episode.

  • you know what i was looking for was maybe a little more thought out questioning. and some showmanship. i know they are friends but come on. you couldnt have thought of anything else to say? good episode. hell i didnt know he had classes. sign me up lol. probably like 5 stacks ha.