You Can Cop the Kith Nike Air Maestro II Under Retail

You read that right.

To my surprise, you can cop the Kith Nike Air Maestro II for under retail. To be clear, every size isn’t available for under retail, but several sizes can be purchased for under retail ($190).

The lowest price currently in stock is at $140, which is actually a steal for this type of collaboration. Some pairs are slightly above retail at $200-$205. That’s pretty much retail after shipping and tax.

This is just a heads up for anyone who missed out and wasn’t interested in paying a crazy amount for a pair.

You can cop while pairs last by clicking here.

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  • curt diggler

    Just look at them! Of course they should go on sale. Kith doesn’t equal fresh. They got by long enough off of fanboy’s and resellers. Seems like folks are waking up and actually looking before they buy. It explains so many kicks sitting these days.

  • Interesting take. I agree a lot of stuff is sitting for a reason. But I thought a lot of people were fans of this entire collaboration. I’m not saying prices should be sky high but I am surprised to see pairs at a consignment for under retail. The most popular consignment shop at that.

    You’re not a fan of Kith in general or just not this collab?

  • curt diggler

    Some of their stuff is tuff, but the more popular they got, the more awful the collaborations became….especially these and the Adidas city socks. It’s like the have the supreme effect where it sells because it’s kith

  • Ok! Got ya! What was the last collab you liked?

  • curt diggler

    From kith it would be the NYC Asics pack, but in general right now I’m eyeing the Adidas x limited edt leather shelltoe joints. Just waiting for the right discount