The Daily Photos 7.14.17


New Balance 997 – @b_represent

Under the radar heat.

Nike Air Huarache Trainer – @sk8thegr8

Insane level of comfort.

Nike Flyknit Racer – @gabriellachica_

Besides the Suede, name a better Puma.


Best Olympic shoe of all time?

“Ice Cold! (Andre 3000 voice)

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  • Diadoras are hard!

    I remember people slept on those Huaraches and the entire pack.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Them Diadoras are critical. Kinda blew it on them Puma BoG’s too. They were sittin in a local FinishLine around my way. And now…..they’re not…lol

  • Slam

    Right. I copped a rando pair of BoGs at a Puma Outlet near me for like $45. No one wants them, for whatever reason.

  • javi


  • Ray.

    Ever shoe on this page can get it..
    Good shit Slam.
    It look like you can sleep on those NBs.
    And those Huaraches and Diadoras are too mean!!

  • Thad Greer

    BoGs are the GOAT Puma sneaker.