KAWS Air Jordan Collection Gets A Release Date


Earlier this week images of the KAWS Air Jordan 4 leaked.

There was a lot of talk about the legitimacy of the images and colorway. KAWS literally just put an end to the talk by providing a teaser of his Air Jordan 4 collaboration.

He simply said: “Views from the studio.” Oh, and it just so happens to be a companion in the background for all the people on social media who aren’t familiar with the artist.

KAWS already confirmed the collab will release Spring 2017. According to the leaked photos, the soles glow in the dark.

Several people seem to dislike the design, but what did people expect? Perhaps some people set their expectations too high because this collab looks true to his style.

Share your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for release info.

Sidebar: It’s rumored the retail price is $350.

UPDATE 3/20/17: Releasing in Greater China on March 28 and worldwide March 31.

Kaws Air Jordan 4





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  • I also heard this is not the only colorway. Not confirmed info tho!

    I believe there is also apparel.

  • What grown ass man wants glow in the dark shoes?

  • Dude I want shoes with lights that shoot fireworks at will. Hell yeah I want GITD shoes!

  • curt diggler

    lint trap 4s

  • Thad Greer

    Not really feeling the print on the upper so far.

  • Nate oNe

    Lmfao! Hilarious
    I hate this generation. They eat up anything you throw at them. So glad I’m not part of this generation.

  • rico strong

    Those are HARD, gladly drop 350 on those

  • DJR

    I’m gonna try to cop shit why not.

  • Executive aka Gorgeous

    Cuuuuuh! ?

  • C Brown

    Ashy 4’s…should 100% appeal to the PSNY 12’s crowd….All Suede though..damn gonna cost a grip…expect retail north of those suede Pinnacle 11’s that dropped..

  • OGedge

    look better than I imagined

  • I like them too!

  • Lol. Some people still go crazy over GITD soles.

  • Yep!

  • Rumored to be $350

  • Grab me a 8.5 if you can. I’ll try my luck.

  • Can’t wait to see more official pics

  • Gotta hit em with the lint roller lol

  • when i see some on foot images i will fell better about them. still gonna be the hype train.

  • DJR

    If I win Powerball I got you because as I’m sure you know these will be damn near impossible to cop.

  • Erosion


  • fook yo

    not gonna lie those look promising. like they actually put some detail and good material into that upper. might be my first J in years

  • hoody and coach jacket not bad…