Nightwing2303 Keeps It 100 In Episode 4 of Random Questions, Random Places

Awkwardly random.

First off, shout out to Chris aka Nightwing2303 for rockin’ with my vision for “Random Questions, Random Places.” A random interview is one thing, but a random interview in a restroom is totally different. You the real MVP, Chris!

This series needs no introduction at all. In episode 4 things get even more random as the fearless leader of WearTesters allowed BDG to ask him a bunch of random questions in an extremely random place.

I asked Nightwing about everything, including Clickbait titles, Kobe vs LeBron, Top YouTubers, tips on parenting, Boost vs Air, Topanga or Kelly Kapowski, and much more.

Watch the episode below to see how it went down. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

As always, share your thoughts in the comments.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Episode 5 is on deck. Any recommendations for episode 6 location? lol

  • OGedge

    The Walking Dead locations

  • kaydot901

    The Vortex or Top Golf.The Claremont Lounge would be huge!

  • Thad Greer

    I like Nightwing just a little bit more after watching this. Good stuff.
    And thanks a lot for that little surprise at the end, G-Roc. I’m at work and I just spit coffee all over my keyboard. LOL

  • Lmao The Claremont Lounge would be epic.

    I like the Top Golf idea. Gotta get mic’d up for sure.

  • LOL! Gotta find those locations.

  • Thanks for watching and glad you enjoyed it.

    Lol you’re welcome. Just some overall randomness for you.

  • kaydot901

    It’s a dope show tho,just like stoner talk!

  • Thank you! I appreciate it. I’ve gotten so much great feedback from the show. I literally just wanted to create something different for this industry.

  • kaydot901

    well played.keep em comin!