Restock Alert: Olive Suede Nike Air Force 1 Mid


Welp! Looks like I talked up the release while reporting on the Binary Blue Air Force 1.

Just like that, the Legion Green aka Olive Air Force 1 Mid now available on They must have literally just posted these because I was looking for them.

You already know the deal about this colorway, so heads up!

Grab a pair by clicking here.

UPDATE 2/9/17: NDC restocked this AF1 and select sizes are currently available.

You can grab a pair here.

Image: sk8thegr8

UPDATE 3/20/17: Finish Line just restocked Olive Air Force 1 Mids. Cop here.




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  • OGedge

    Got damn does are sexy. BUT…. if the suede ain’t quality land o’lakes butter than it’s a complete fail.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    You ain’t never lie.

  • DJR

    You can tell it’s tax season because these are soldout or it could be G Roc’s influence ?

  • javi


  • Lol. Nah, people were just ready for the Oliveness.

  • sirfresh

    Had to be a inside job. We will see these on eBay for 300 plus soon.

  • sirfresh

    Bruh… only sz 15 and 16

  • Executive

    Lmao! Oh, so know AF1 are selling out? Wtf, I saw crazy comments on how “nobody wears those anymore”.

  • Executive

    Just buy a pack a nike socks and then they should fit.

  • Lol yep! AF1s are the new wave now. The thirst was real for these.

    It will be interesting to see what the rest of the years looks like.

  • Executive

    That’s crazy. I bet once they really become higher in demand prices will go up.

  • sirfresh

    14 can do but 15 16 hell naw

  • Executive

    Shit, I wear a 12 or 13 but if it’s “limited” and hyped I’d rock a 18 if need be???

  • What’s funny is I have been seeing a LOT of kids in NJ and NYC rocking AF1’s hard AF. I think they definitely found their second coming with the youth and lawd knows Nike needs this right now. While I don’t because I can’t rock skinny jeans these look solid with them or slim jeans and or joggers all day.

  • sirfresh

    saw these in the mall and the color looked ashy