Random Questions, Random Places Episode 5 Features Triple OG Greg Street

5 episodes in.

This man needs no introduction. Chances are high you’ve seen his insane sneaker collection TSG shot in 2011. You’re probably also familiar with his Sneaker Friends Atlanta event.

That’s just sneakers though. Greg Street is a legend in the music industry. Do your research! Street has most likely worked with your favorite artist, and has a crap load of stories about other legends.

I could write a lot about Street because it was impossible to not know him growing up in Atlanta. But I won’t talk your head off, we did enough of that in Random Questions, Random Places Episode 5.

Watch the episode below. Enjoy!

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • What about your Top 5 southern rappers?

    Also, still thanking Street to date for blessing us with the Outkast “Gangsta Sh*t” Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zm5THeUN0s

  • kaydot901

    Nice Ep. with a trill dude & great questions.I dig those true ATL answers like the blue flame & Bred 1’s(they match the falcons).And respect for sayin Cyhi in his top 5 too.It’s hard to pick & leave out greats.1.Andre 3k/Big Boi 2.David Banner 3.’Face (as we say in the south)4.Tip 5.Pimp/Bun * Bonus DJ Paul of 3*6 Mafia cuz I’ve never heard him spit a verse that was wack to me personally.no particular order tho.

  • kaydot901

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOTncTdQefk Let Us Never Forget These Jewels…3K deserves a hearse & a tear for this one…

  • kirk

    Ha pawn stars is that show straight up classic ?

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    ?They got dudes that try to rap down south therr? ??Cant really tell from up here in the great Northeast.

  • Han Lee

    G..were u guys at killer creek harley d?

  • javi

    Calm down hype u take shit to serious

  • Han Lee

    Southern cats use to rap…like andre 3k bun b…etc…but now even nyc does the mumble rap…dont make them like they use to

  • DJR

    This is actually a hard question but I’ll go with Andre 3K, Scarface, TI, Jay Electronica, Ludacris.

  • Ray.

    Im surprised he didnt have 3K in his 5!
    Ima have to go with: (old) T.I., J. Cole, Jay Elec., CyHi, Nick Grant..

  • Yuuuuuup! Track is hard!

  • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Yeah this series is cool because I don’t prep them on questions, I ask on the spot and they answer. OutKast has to be in every list.

    You have a solid list too!

  • Me too! But when you get asked on the spot, it’s tough.

    Lol def OG TI. You know Atlanta will forever be grateful for Tip blessing us with so many hits.

    Funny thing is I forget Jay Elect is from the south sometimes.

    Good list!

  • Def a tough question.

    Feeling your list except for Luda. Not that I don’t like him, but I could replace him with so many different people.

  • What up!

    Nah, we were at Thunder Tower West location in Morrow.

  • Lmaoooo stop!

  • Lol yep!

  • DJR

    You right man I almost went with Big Krit or Bun B. I think Luda fell off so hard that people forget how nice he was at one point.

  • DJR

    Is J Cole a Southern Rapper?

  • Boss

    Boys SLEEP on that Gangsta S**t remix. That Bootsy sample just made their lyrics hit SO much harder, I swear. That was literally the first song I bought on iTunes back in the gap.

  • curt diggler

    Jeezy, gucci, ti, kilo, juvenile..dudes that made the club scene and changed the A as we know it..no outkast for me, luda gets honorable mention

  • sirfresh

    Yeah. But spent some time in NY after college

  • sirfresh

    In no order big krit boosie Andre 3000 j cole Lil Wayne.

  • DJR

    Damn well Cole is on my list. I knew he was from North Carolina but didn’t even know that was a southern state.

  • sirfresh

    It’s the south but Georgia and below is considered dirty south so they say.

  • Ray.

    He’s from North Carolina..

  • Ray.

    Yea man, and he doesnt put enough music out to really be in people’s list. but shit Lauryn Hill put out 1 album and her name still circulating, so..

  • DJR

    I knew that, just didn’t realize North Carolina was considered the South. The North threw my off.

  • Ray.

    The South, as far as I knew, was considered from VA down. Until a lil min ago when they started calling that area DMV. But NC is def south….Dirty or otherwise..

  • Ray.

    Nah man, NC is def south but they just dont got no rappers.
    Real shit I still consider VA south but they aint got no rappers either..

  • Kilo! A lot of people outside of Atlanta don’t know him. He’s def a southern legend in my eyes. He should’ve blown up.

    Juvenile def deserves respect for being one the few dudes during that time to gain commercial success. Cash Money changed the game more than some people realize.

    The era take is a good one, and shout to Rich Kids. I feel like if they were new now they would blow up.

  • I would not be made at KRIT or Bun. Yeah that’s true, but I respect his earlier work. Him and several others need to call it quits now tho.

  • Now that’s an interesting list. Boosie has a very real following and devoted fanbase. This convo just shows me how many great artists are from the south.

  • Maaaaan! Thank you! I’m knew I wasn’t the only one. I love the remix. That mug rides and like you said, the lyrics just sound so hard over the beat. That entire Street album was hard tho – it blessed us with some really dope tracks.

  • Truuu

  • Yep, NC is most def the south. I think once you start talking about VA that’s when people stop claiming them as the south even though it’s below the Mason Dixon line. I spent a lot of time in the DMV area from 2014-2015 and I think they sound southern but not as country as the deep south.

  • Ha! I’m just now seeing this back & forth and typed my thoughts on the whole southern states thing. VA is def considered the south but I feel like most people from down here don’t feel like that.

  • Yep!

  • sirfresh

    Pusha t clipse Pharrell missy elliot nerd from va.

  • sirfresh

    Jay got bars but no body of work and lowkey it’s hard for him to shake off that badu lol

  • Ray.

    lmao! yea man, I wanna know what she got down there!!
    (not first hand tho, I like the way my life is going lol)

  • Ray.

    I lived in Delaware for a min and the first time I heard the ppl there speak I was thought to myself “damn, yall country as hell. I thought this was the north..”

  • Ray.

    I knew somebody was gonna say this, and i knew the reply was gonna be just like this. A lot of filler lol. Im just surprised you didnt add timbo.

    Push is Clipse. NERD is Pharrell (whos not a rapper). That just leaves MIssy, who dont even make music no more, and Skillz, who only did the Year End Rap-Up
    So basically they got one active rapper..

    But I gotta know, where you from man?

  • sirfresh

    Pharrell got bars man he just been that pop shit lately. And skillz that year wrap up was cool for some years but I got tired of that man. NC

  • Ray.

    I’ve only ever heard him rap on “move that dope”.
    Other than that it was just singing..
    (“Frontin” is like one of the 50th best songs ever made btw)