Sneaker Twitter Reacts to NYC Nike Air More Uptempo

They got jokes.

And here it is folks, the first look at the New York Nike Air More Uptempo.

Now we’ve seen all three Uptempos from the City Pack: Atlanta, Chicago and New York. However, the always funny and undefeated Internet wasn’t impressed at all with the NYC Uptempo.

The jokes poured in immediately. Sneaker Twitter didn’t waste anytime roasting what everyone is calling the weakest Uptempo in the pack. Take a look at the jokes below.

Who had the funniest comment, and how do you feel about the NYC Uptempo?

  • Han Lee

    I agree they couldve done a better job….the ATL joints look good tho

  • theloverswineverytime

    Just HAD to be some garbage-ass, Yankees-type shit, huh.

    ?? Booooooo…

  • javi

    Relax hater smfh


    They ighht

  • C Brown

    Much like the Sup-Tempos (which were recieved the same way) what was cats expecting???

  • Justin747

    No they don’t lol.

  • Han Lee

    What!?!…come on now. That peach and 404 in the back make the shoe pop

  • theloverswineverytime


  • javi


  • Nike should have stopped when they were ahead but WE ALL KNOW BETTER! The letters are tricky to work on this shoe. For some the SUP was ugly, I actually really like it and the SUP is structured in an ascending order and works, for me personally.

    These shits on the other hand, get no “get out of jail free” cards. I don’t even live in NYC anymore and I feel disrespected smfh.

  • Justin747

    2 little things on the back don’t make up for that garbage looking “ATL” on the side. Ruins the entire shoe IMO.